Wednesday, February 2, 2011

007. >> Idol Ideation [Week 3]

Another week, another episode of Idol. Let’s get it!

This week we are auditioning in Austin, Texas. Does that mean a plethora of country talent? I guess we’ll see. But just like Ryan Seacrest promised there’s an apology at the top of the hour. The producers claim that they are sorry about Steven Tyler’s outrageous behavior. Then they show him talking to some kid who’s last name is Muck. “You know what rhymes with Muck? Read my lips...”

Uh... right. Nice try at humor, Idol. Let’s leave it to the experts.

And one of the experts is Steven Tyler. He’s unintentionally funny, yeah, but I choose to believe that he’s more away than he lets on. I just love the way he seems so genuine on the panel and he lets the music flow through him and says how he feels and what he thinks. I think that’s refreshing. Jennifer Lopez is more reserved and Randy has never been little more than a lump in his seat even though he’s trying to branch out. Steven is the one who will save this show. So stop it with the fake apologies and let’s get on to the show.

Corey Levoy
First up is Corey with a questionable relationship with his sister but by the end I think they are really just best gal pals and it’s refreshing for both of them. I’m not much a country fan but I liked his clear high country voice. And then the Jlo booty thing just cracked me up.

Long, drawn out, unnecessary. I didn’t see anything special about her besides her constant tears. She sang one of the most annoying songs known to man. Randy was right with his first instinct. They dragged that segment out for way too long. I doubt she’ll make it through the first cut in Hollywood.

Rodolfo Ochoa
Loud doesn’t necessarily mean good. I didn’t find the tone of his voice particularly please to my ears. It was very flat or something. I’m not sure why they are featuring this guy. He isn’t very interesting. I do like the blue in his hair.

Ryan: Why did you name him John Wayne?
Mom: He wanted a son that was rough and tough
Ryan: You would have been disappointed if I were your son!
Dad: If you were my son you wouldn’t be the way that you are.
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! lmao!

Haha, a genuine funny moment. That’s the kind of Ryan that I like. I don’t like when the producers make him make fun of contestants. Ryan is a good guy and he can relate to people. That’s what makes him a good host. I don’t like Cheap Shot Ryan

John Wayne Schultz
VERY handsome, a rugged cowboy guy. Not my usual type but I’m attracted to him. Love the shirt. His voice is great. Like I said, I don’t like country but I liked his voice. There was something in his singing that was soulful. It was like he really felt the song. He’s such a big guy but also a homebody and a mama’s boy and he loves his family. That’s heart-warming. I could root for this kid. I love his mom because she loves him so much and his dad loves him too. Cute families on Idol are the best! Helps you feel closer to the contestant. I hope he makes it through Hollywood. I’m not going to get too excited about anyone yet. I’ve already made that mistake.

The show is only an hour so why are we spending so much time on watching the judges walk in the room? They seriously spent like 5 minutes on this useless segment at the top and middle of the hour.

Courtney Penry
She’s trying to get with my man Ryan Seacrest and she’s only 17. Step off, Courtney. I guess she’s pretty good. She also seems like a cool, funny kid. So I’m glad she made it through and I look forward to seeing if she can keep her fun, goofy nature through the pressure of the competition.

Why are there so many commercials? Jeez.

I’ve been watching the Bachelor so I’m sick of people named Shauntel. I had no idea there were so many ways of spelling it. Chantal. Chantel. Shawntel. Shauntel. I mean on and on and on and on. I enjoyed the black guy in this golden ticket montage. I love R&B voices, those are the people that I ultimately vote for. Except when the season is total crap like season 9. Then I vote for Tim.

Power Couple Jacqueline and Nick
Steven enjoyed Nick immediately. I loved his happy laughed looking at him. The girl has a lot of hair. I’m not really impressed by the girl. I liked the boy more. But I don’t care about them one bit. On to the next one... I hope one gets into top 12 and one doesn’t. What can I say? I watch American Idol, don’t I!

Her country voice was good but it didn’t grab me. People seem to like her though.

Randy’s mean to people. But it’s pathetic compared to Simon. Cuz Randy is just like... mean. But Simon was witty and cleaver with his insults. I don’t miss him that much... but it’s when they try to make someone into the new Simon. That’s when I think about him.

Seth Rogen! Or Casey Abrahams
He really does look like Seth Rogan because he’s 19 and looks about 30. When I first saw Seth Rogen I thought he was like 35. And he was 23. This dude was just charismatic from the start. I loved his little instrument, whatever that this was. I like his jazz singing, the gravely, harsh voice, I dig it. He seems like a sweetheart. I think an idol makeover could be good for him. He’s a lot of fun. I’m gonna root for this guy. I’m excited. He’s like a breath of fresh air. I love white guys with soul, I can’t lie!

Great for Idol to end the show on a happy note rather than the big sob story of the hour. People are so sick of sob stories. We wanna vote for the singers and the singing. I hope the producers will start to understand that.

Overall, it was just a decent episode of idol. There was way too many useless segments and commercials, especially since we only had an hour. I’m looking forward to Hollywood. I can’t wait until we get to live shows with voting. See you next week!

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