Thursday, February 3, 2011

008.>> a brief fangirl moment and a music video review

You probably don't know but I am a big American Idol fan. I have watched all seasons of American Idol religiously except for Season 4 when I was out of the country. Even then when I had access to a TV in Asia I managed to catch a couple of episodes. Anyway, my all time favorite contestant is Anoop Desai. He captured me from the very first note he sang at auditions. It wasn't his look. It wasn't his personality. None of that mattered to me. It was all about his voice for the first few weeks of the show until he got a makeover and started looking pretty attractive. Now I think he's REALLY hot but he's still got that voice and he's super talented. This guy is a go-getter. He didn't get signed after Idol but he's out there on his own producing music independently. He put out his own CD last year and he's working on an awesome mixtape now that we'll be able to download for FREE. I've met him many times, he's a super cool dude. If you look at my youtube page you'll see I have 40+ videos from his concerts that I've been to. I'm a very devoted fangirl! Unfortunately, he moved to Atlanta so he's no longer so accessible to me! (I live in NC where he used to live)

I was sad I wouldn't be able to go to his big music video premiere party. Then my life changed when he released the music video online today! I invited you all to watch it. All is Fair (Crazy Love) is definitely one of the top songs on his album.

This video is basically a dark comedy. Anoop sings his heart out while the object of his affection tortures him violently in many different ways. It's interesting that Anoop chose to go this way. I see Crazy Love as a light, fun song about an unrequited crush but Anoop is exploring the darker side of obsessive love. It can make you crazy, it can make you blind, it can kill you. Anoop never stops singing to this girl. There's a lot of books out there about obsessive, dangerous, crazy love. You'd better be careful. Don't want this happening to you!

But on the other hand you can see it as one of those zombie violence comedies where every scary thing is so over the top you just want to laugh. Anoop has on a very nice outfit throughout the whole song and the production looks very professional. I love the lighting when he's just singing into the microphone. One thing you have to love about Anoop is his clear, well-toned vocals. That's not autotune, that's just how he sounds, naturally. He was really born to sing.

So watch Crazy Love and tell me what you think! While you're at it check out my favorite live version of the song.

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